Ice silkworm is also a cold insect. When bitten by it, the blood will slowly condense into ice. If the strength is not strong or there is no treatment, it will directly freeze to death.

After turning into an ice silkworm, Situhao could feel that ice silkworm was constantly sucking the surrounding cold water elements.
After sensing these, Stuart Hao couldn’t help being more admired for the cold water element of Tiens.
Brush brush
Suddenly, the branches and leaves rubbed slightly from a hundred meters away from behind.
Roar tight and a deafening roar from the front of the forest is ice spirit day lion roar Chapter 16 Ice spirit day lion.
Ice spirit Tiens roar is full of Xiao murderous look. Although Situhao is now in an unreal form, his heart can’t help but tremble.
It’s really a god beast, the Tiens with Ice Spirit. We should kill the Tiens with Ice Spirit side by side. Eating its flesh and blood is of great benefit to our order.
Ice spirit tiens roared down a powerful sound.
Obviously, the strength of Laiwu is not very strong. Their purpose is to kill the ice spirit Tiens to feed on it. The real strength of the flesh and blood is absolutely higher than that of this rare beast. Most of them will not be able to kill it.
Brush brush
The name Wu voice fall to the ground SiTuHao immediately to constantly ring leaves rubbed.
Bang bang.
A roar was followed by the rubbing of leaves, but these sounds were mixed with the sound of trees being knocked off.
Listen to the two voices, the ice spirit Tiens, and all the martial arts are from Stuart’s hiding place.
White after these situhao heart feeling can’t help but get excited.
Situhao is still quite weak in practicing animal secrets and force. He wants to kill the ice lion, a god beast, by himself. That’s simple.
As far as god beast is concerned, even the weakest god beast is enough to kill a sixth-order Wu, and Situ Hao’s strength today is that a fifth-order Wu with full force is enough to kill him.
He had made up his mind at the beginning of entering the Fenglan Mountains. He wanted many soldiers to be together. When they killed the ice spirit Tiens, he could also fish in troubled waters.
At this point, the situation is that he robbed the conditions in troubled waters.
Situhao ice silkworm’s unreal form hides in the giant tree’s heart, counting his own thoughts, waiting for the gang of ice spirit Tiens to fight with each other.
Brush brush
Bang bang.
The sound keeps ringing and the distance is getting closer and closer. A moment later, dozens of soldiers have flown to the left side of Situhao to hide from the giant tree. At the same time, a snow-white ice lion is now on the right side of the giant tree.
The size of the ice lion is two times different from that of the ordinary adult lion, but Situ Hao is white-eyed, and the ice lion is underage.
The adult ice lion club buffalo is strong enough to compete with the fairy. It’s really an adult ice lion, so it can be said that these weapons are unlucky at present.
At present, Tiens of Ice Spirit can match the seventh-order martial arts at most.
Ha, ha, ha, this ice lion is underage and suitable for us to kill people. Killing ice lion side by side and sharing flesh and blood will make us struggle less for water element training for decades or even longer. One of the first bosses said with a smile
Roaring ice spirit Tiens, although ignorant, looked at this group of people with weapons in their hands, but they also knew that they were not good.
Besides, the nature of the ice-spirit Tiens is ferocious, and when it grinned and roared, a strong wind blew in the forest and swept to the eyes of more than 70 martial arts.
As the wind blows, Situhao shudders, even though it is ice silkworm at this time.
To Stuart’s horror, the trees and leaves around the place where the wind passed immediately covered with thick ice, which made people feel chilly at first sight.
And those weeds are falling with the wind, but they have also become icicles.
This terrible cold water element is really terrible, which is many times more powerful than the single water element. It is no wonder that so many martial arts will rush to the Fenglan Mountains when they hear that the ice spirit Tiens are backward. Chapter 17 Ice Needle
Ice spirit Tiens rolled up a gust of wind with a huge roar, and the place where the wind passed was a world of ice ridges.
More than 70 famous soldiers looked at the giant trees, branches and leaves, people and weeds, and they were bound by thick ice in an instant. They didn’t look horrified.
Obviously, for the ice spirit Tiens, they have heard of it, but they have never seen it. However, they would not have thought that the ice spirit Tiens would be so capable.
Seeing the wind blowing, Wudu didn’t fight back.
The wind is a pervasive form, and these martial arts don’t know how to fight against the ice, the sky, the lion and the wind.
The wind blows the crowd at a flash speed, and the trees and weeds are usually tied with thick ice.
Bang bang bang bang.
Just as the heavy ice was bound, a loud noise kept coming to them, and the heavy ice was shattered by their direct force.
Of course, these weapons are those with strong strength and those with weak strength, but they can’t move at all, standing in the local area like ice sculptures.
Kill the leader, old one and complete, drink a big knife in hand and rush forward. Those who are not controlled by thick ice also rush forward quickly.
Just as the snow-white hair of the Tiens, which came from the attack of Wu, stood up instantly, and the same body was covered with hedgehogs.