The Great Emperor laughed and stared at Ji Yaoxue’s gorgeous face with faint eyes. "This kind of temperament is only available once a princess."

I don’t know if the big emperor glances at Ji Yaoxue and suddenly feels dizzy and has a sense of drowsiness and sinking.
Jiyao snow front more than a figure blocked the big deep and remote emperor’s eyes.
Ji Yaoxue waved his head, took a deep breath and recovered his eyes.
A trace of regret passed in the depths of the great emperor’s eyes
Su Mo said simply, "I advise you not to cut yourself short."
The big emperor frowned and looked at the blue monk who blocked the two people. He gradually narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "Get out!"
Sue ink eyes a clot whole person breath suddenly a change!
Su Mo’s body seems to be an instant generate out of the area, and a strong blood gas is horrible!
The opposite side of the big deep and remote emperor’s eyes was still a weak student, but suddenly it turned into a furious fiend in hell, stepping on the corpse mountain and bloody sea.
By Sue ink eyes a look at the big deep and remote emperor heart almost jumped out of the throat with discoloration.
"Cang solicitation! Cang Hao! "
The guards around the Great Emperor are conscious of the sword drawn from the waist and look alert, staring at Su Mo with a face of tension.
At this time, the mountain peak suddenly shook in front of everyone, and a vast ancient flavor dissipated to reveal a cave dwelling on the mountainside, and many monks were bright at the moment.
The seal is broken!
Shua shua shua!
Many monks offered flying swords in succession, and thousands of people galloped towards the abode of fairies and immortals at a glance.
Whoever can enter the abode of fairies and immortals first can naturally seize the opportunity and may win the treasure first.
Su Mo withdrew her eyes and temporarily turned to look at Ji Yaoxue and others and waved, "Go!"
There was a bitter cold in the eyes of the great emperor. "Let’s fight for the treasure first, and we’ll talk about it later!"
The friars who arrived at the abode of fairies and immortals first shot and smashed the gate of the abode of fairies and immortals.
The dust rolled and everyone filed in.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-two Quasi congenital horcrux
Just broke into the abode of fairies and immortals, an old smell came to my face. Nearby were five different tunnels, wide and dark, leading to unknown depths.
The monks who entered the abode of fairies and immortals paused for a moment and hesitated.
The five aisles look exactly the same. No one knows which aisle has a pulse Dan or a treasure at the end.
But if you choose the wrong aisle, you are likely to return home!
There is one chance!
Many monks hesitated a little, and each chose a tunnel and rushed in.
Brother Dayou Dynasty broke in, with neat steps and strict discipline. At first glance, he was the Iron Master.
"Divide into five teams and enter a tunnel. If you don’t find the first time, return here!" Dayouhuang sound qi
Brother Dayou Dynasty gave a crashing answer.
Ji Yaoxue and others consciously looked at Su Mo unconsciously, and they already regarded Su Mo as the leader of this trip.
The surest way, of course, is to look for it separately like the great secluded dynasty, so that the chance of finding the treasure will be greatly increased
However, there are eleven of them, and once they are divided, they will inevitably be dispersed, so the chaotic situation is easy to be attacked and killed.
Su Mo’s eyes flashed a bit of determination and sank, "Split up and I’ll go to the second aisle on the left. Ten of you will choose a aisle together."
Even if Su Mo is alone, he has confidence and can walk away.
Most of Ji Yaoxue’s ten people are five-pulse foundations, and Ji is a six-pulse foundation all day long, and there is also a night spirit guardian, which has certain self-protection even in the face of danger