"Er … Father, walk slowly …" Qingyan left the door unlocked his forehead. I could hardly believe my ears … no? What is this? Shall I choose the heir of the city state? Wow ….. But I can get the favor of Emperor Xi? It’s a little fantastic …

The bottomless black eyes flashed a little creepy and murderous, and the corners of the mouth were left and left, which outlined a murderous look. "Are you now?" As you wish! "
"Uh what?" Qingyan looked at him blankly and didn’t know what to answer at the moment.
Ximing pointed at her and trembled all over. "You, you not only took my body, you also took my throne! Do I have a grudge against you? You treat me like this? "
"Where do I have it?" As soon as Qingyan opened her mouth, she felt a burst of tears in her nose. She was full of grievances, but she vented more people. She fought back and hurt her mouth and argued, "I don’t want to take away what you have. This is not my intention. I want to live. I want Princess Dawan to live with dignity. Please don’t push me again!"
XiMing strode about "who forced who? Can you trample on the dignity of others just because you are born? Can you harm the interests of others at will? "
Qingyan can’t help but gasp. What is this called? She asked herself that she had not done anything wrong so far, and she had never harmed the interests of others! I have been defiled by him for no reason once! He doesn’t have any sincerity now, but he has such a bad attitude. This inscription is really annoying. The 166th emperors ()
With an elusive smile on his face, Xi Ming couldn’t guess whether he was happy or annoyed, but his face was indifferent and distant. "What do you want to do now?"
His aloof and arrogant expression is so handsome that Qing Yan can’t help but breathe in his chest. Although his expression is boring, it always makes Qing Yan angry and hesitated for a long time. She asked, "What should I do?"
"Hum" snorted, and his right hand made a gesture of folding the fan, but he didn’t touch the fan for a long time before he remembered that he had just broken his face, and his anger flashed through his palm. He took a fierce breath and said angrily, "What will you do?"
"Well ….." Qingyan scratched his head and just wanted to say that he was not interested in this kind of super boy draft activity at all, but she read hesitation from Xi Ming’s eyes. Although he tried his best to put on a look of light wind and light clouds, Qingyan could see that he was more nervous than anyone else.
Qingyan’s eyes flashed a sly light, and she thought to herself, looking at his appearance of being swayed by considerations of gain and loss, she knew that although he didn’t want to get married, he still couldn’t let go of the man who groaned in the throne. That’s it. Once it comes to desire, even if his personality is strong, it will be inadvertently smoothed out.
Qingyan shrugged his shoulders and deliberately looked out the window. "How should I know? Maybe an emperor in the parliament hall will become a new city if he is not careful! "
"Really?" Xi Ming smiled shallowly at his handsome face, but it was hard to hide his cold breath. "Then I will wait for good news!" Then he left with a kiss-xiu.
Vomitted to stick out your tongue at the back of the sudden departure of XiMing Qingyan mouth muttered a "is really a weirdo, this is no time to say good words, and then annoyed the old niang really waste you too! Bah! "
I sighed slowly, and Qingyan stroked my cheek with both hands and felt a little hot, but there was a heat flow in my chest. What should I do? What the hell is going on now?
Emperor Xi will make such a decision? Do you want me to choose too? What does he really mean?
Quietly thinking and pondering the emperor’s mind, if Emperor Xi really didn’t want this broken sleeve to be too much, it would never be delayed until now. That’s why I appeared, which made this old man over the age of 80 cry with joy. Perhaps he wanted to inspire him in such a way. I had to choose the inscription in the parliamentary hall so that he would look at me with special respect and be grateful to me. This is also the old emperor Emperor Xi Diliang’s painstaking efforts.
To think clearly about this key problem, Qingyan can’t help but shake his shoulders with a sigh of relief. His face is full of self-deprecating wry smile. "As the saying goes, it’s really not fake to be with you like a tiger. It’s really tiring to be intrigued everywhere."
At this time, her forehead was still dull pain, and Qingyan moved doubtfully to the dressing table, which provoked the scattered forehead to send out Byakki Smoker’s appearance and made her gasp!
The original has disappeared, similar to "Zhu Shazhi", and the charm of the pupil has miraculously sprung up! She caught her eye and rubbed her eyes hard. She looked intently again. Oh, my God, that’s right. The color and shape are exactly the same as before … What’s going on? Don’t …
She remembers being slammed into the corner of the table by a jerk of her forehead. It was indeed the original location of the charm pupil, but it was too fantastic to bump back the disappearing charm pupil.
Look at Qingyan carefully and make sure it’s not a scar left by impact …
I tried my best to smooth over my ups and downs. Qingyan smiled at the ceiling. "Whatever … it’s okay to struggle with this. I can’t always rely on this skill for a generation."
Just lost in thought, a maid-in-waiting came to report "Report to the princess, the second emperor, Liling for an audience"
A face of innocence blink a few eyes qingyan couldn’t believe my ears "what? Fuling? Are you kidding me? I don’t know him. Why did he come to me? "
"Yes," the maid-in-waiting leaned over respectfully. "The second emperor has been waiting in the living room, saying that he must see Princess Fang tonight and have something to ask."
"Oh, you lead the way."
In the lobby, Liling, the second emperor of the city, wore a robe embroidered with dragon and purple clothes, holding a paper fan and waving his hand as bright as Yushu. Before the breeze, he paced up and down with great interest and carefully appreciated the painting method of hanging the wall.
Qingyan stared at him from a distance, which was a compliment!
His handsome and Confucian appearance is different, but his forehead is seven points similar, but his hand-held folding fan looks exactly the same, but he looks more heroic, upright, rich and handsome when he is younger.
Qingyan can’t help but look at it.
And the changes behind him also shocked Liling, who seemed to be meditating. He smiled and looked back at the slightly hot eyes. A "princess" had not yet spoken, and his mouth was already stiff. "Gong … Gong … fairy sister fairy sister!"
He marveled at his knees and then struggled to move his knees towards Qingyan and "ran on his knees"
Poof … Crazy!
This is Liu Qingyan’s first reaction. She almost vomited blood and fell to the ground!
Qingyan hands shaking "Erhuangdian what are you doing? I’m not a fairy sister. I’m not. "
Three meters away from Qingyan, he finally stopped and slammed three heads at her. "Princess, you are so beautiful. I have never seen a beautiful woman like you in Liling. This woman should fall into the world of drunkenness! Now I can finally deeply understand the meaning of this poem. Fairy, fairy, you and I are fairies! "
In the face of Liling’s almost naked praise, Qing Yan’s body aroused a layer of goose bumps. She was embarrassed to dry cough twice. "Liling Emperor, please get up and talk."