Young lady, this is a tough girl …

But the gentleman is not a vegetarian!
Shuangling’s scalp is numb and I feel it is necessary to have a little less madam. After all, little madam didn’t understand the gentleman’s temperament soon after she married Su Fu, did she?
More importantly, the devil suffers when he fights! If the two of them make trouble, no one will have a safe life in this courtyard!
In order to have a comfortable day, it is still necessary to wake up with your wife.
"Little lady" Shuangling brewing smile apologetically "This gentleman has always been a bully. Aunt Wisteria did something wrong. You must have driven her away. The gentleman can’t say anything, but you are not allowed to come and take care of the gentleman. I’m afraid so-of course, the gentleman is most concerned about you now! If you take care of the gentleman yourself, who will you think of? Why don’t you go and see the gentleman again? You can talk to the gentleman for a few words, and the rough work will naturally be done by the handmaiden! What if the gentleman has a bad temper and is injured, and if something is done, what if the lady is guilty? Even the master and wife are afraid of it and will feel distressed! Don’t blame the handmaiden, madam! "
Jessica Fong Ching listened to Shuangling’s pandering for a long time, which means to understand that that fellow has a bad temper and is not allowed to take care of his aunt. I’m afraid he will make trouble!
Jessica Fong Ching then laughed coldly "rest assured that I have my own discretion! You just do what I say! Others don’t care! "
Speaking of which, she has never really seen him make trouble! She also wants to see how much trouble he can make and how big the occasion is!
By the way, let’s take a look at this fellow’s attitude towards her parents-in-law.
If my parents-in-law complain about themselves to him, then I have a bottom in my heart, and I have a care about what to do in the future
If the parents-in-law ignore Thaksin and turn to themselves, it is another matter!
Just take this opportunity to test it out.
There’s no better chance, is there? Even if the in-laws blame themselves, they are just a title of "not broad-minded and jealously jealous", which is not uncommon in big families.
Shuangling square sunny determined so didn’t endure to go back to Su Jinghe honestly.
Su Jinghe asked at once when she came in, "Where’s wisteria? Why hasn’t it come yet? One by one, I can’t move without itching, can I? "
Shuangling saw that his face fell and he was so scared that his legs went soft and he shook his head hurriedly. He said it again and said what Fang Qing had told him by the way.
Shuangling dare not breathe, and she can’t wait to retract her head into her chest.
Su Jing was so angry that he trembled and half rang before he could speak!
"F * * king! Bastard! This jealous woman! Evil woman! " Sue gentleman is really angry and beats the bed to lambaste Jessica Fong Ching and blurts out, "Go to you and call the jealous woman to Little Ye! I want to ask her face to face if she dares to be so arrogant again. I believe that I have divorced her! "
"Gentleman, you, you …" Shuangling was shocked and divorced his wife. How can you say that casually? Young lady, it’s only been a long time since you entered the door!
"Don’t roll!" Su Jing and Li He
Gnash one’s teeth with anger
If he hadn’t been unable to move, he would have gone out to settle accounts with that woman!
Is it really outrageous to give her three colors and she will dare to open a dye house? It can be seen that women’s nature is so spoiled! I don’t know my little place when I pet it!
Su Jinghe couldn’t wait to take Fang Qing to pieces. I don’t know how many times he said in his heart, "We’ll see!"
When he’s healed, hum!
Shuangling ran to the front of Jessica Fong Ching and saw the little lady. Instead of showing any panic, she laughed and couldn’t help being confused.
Jessica Fong Ching got up and smiled faintly. "You don’t have to go to the small kitchen to see if the medicine is fried!"
"It’s a young lady!" Shuangling was greatly relieved.
This work is really impossible to do.
Fang Qingshi shiran entered the wing Su Jinghe and lay on the head of a bed. When he saw her, his eyes blazed and his handsome face stared at her coldly. "Don’t you dare come!" Jealous woman! "
Fang Qing laughed unhurriedly. "Didn’t you ask Shuangling to call me? Husband! "
Jealous woman? Are you calling her? Jessica Fong Ching automatically ignored these two words.
Su Jinghe sneered, "Yes, little ye is really deluding himself! Jessica Fong Ching, you wait for me to wait for the little master to raise the injury and you will suffer! "
Jessica Fong Ching heart way now have I suffered also afraid of?
Then light say with smile "good that I’m waiting for! Wait until you get well and see what I suffer! "
He laughed again. "My husband will ask Aunt Wisteria and other aunts about it!"
Su Jinghe turned away from her with a heavy hum.
He’s not stupid. Why ask? Even if you ask this bitch, you will never get what he wants! It just adds a layer of gas!
When he recovers, he will act!
"Jessica Fong Ching, you will regret it." Su Jinghe jumped out of his teeth word by word.
Jessica Fong Ching can see from his side that the lines on his side face are clean and soft, and his skin is fair and the curvature of his nose is beautiful, which makes it easy to associate the word "elegance".
It’s a pity that this man has nothing to do with "elegance"
It’s a waste to give birth to such a good skin.
But Jessica Fong Ching don’t think it’s a pity that the 1817 chapter 1817 set-up 4.
If this is a truly elegant man, he will never marry her.
She doesn’t want him to become so elegant. She wants him not to be so timid, fooling around, doing everything and doing nothing. In fact, it is the most empty, but it is the real hole in the bottom of my heart, and no amount of wine and meat can fill it.
His words that seemed to pop out from my heart were sunny and half-influenced. Jessica Fong Ching still smiled faintly. "Well, I’ll wait and see how I regret it! Is there anything else? There is nothing to say, I will go to work! "
Su Jing is so angry that she has a chest tightness. This woman!
Is it so trivial that he fell into her eyes after being flustered for a long time?
"live!" I don’t know what Su Jinghe just can’t see her at ease, so he has a feeling that he has lost a lot.
Why can’t he move when he’s lying down, but she can get mad at him and then leave and do whatever she wants?
Sue gentleman at the moment can completely ignore what he made this sample is asking for it.
Jessica Fong Ching stopped to ask and looked at him.