That’s the woman?

No woman has an Adam’s apple. Besides, she didn’t hear wrong just now, but the other person claimed to be a grandfather and the sound was male suspicion.
Liancheng’s beautiful eyes are filled with doubts. Is this horse riding a beautiful eyebrow and watching her "Uber" a man or a woman?
Although the bearer is riding a horse, his figure is absolutely slender and tall, and his eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. She cocked her head and stared at Huangfuyi carefully, as if she didn’t see anything.
Playing around with an air of arrogance is extremely arrogant. If you are a woman, even if you pretend to be good, you will not reach the high level of people in front of you.
Men are men and princes of the Zhou Dynasty.
Liancheng, whom Huangfuyi called Liu Tianyou, determined his identity.
You’re sick, you’re long enough to be a disaster, you’re a monster, and you’re wearing a red robe. What’s this about?
The most important point is that his body presents those very indecent expressions and arrogant gas fields, but his face of disaster does not make people feel disgusted and despised
The corners of the mouth evoke a new smile, which really hooks people’s souls
It is said that this is what Liancheng thinks in his own mind, and no one dares to feel so much about Huangfuyi.
Because they know that Huangfuyi’s manner is even more afraid of this gentleman from the bottom of my heart and dare to judge him.
It’s quiet around me, and it’s like forgetting what you’re doing at the moment, and thinking, "Tao Yao Yao Zhuo Hua" is a man like him!
It’s so beautiful to describe the enchanting face with a fiery red robe.
"Have you seen enough?" Huangfuyi toyed with the whip and asked with a smile.
Stupid, stupid, stupid. What kind of handsome pot have you never seen before, and how can you almost be confused by the other side?
Some self-contempt for Liancheng’s eyes suddenly returned to normal and leisurely said, "I should ask you if you have seen enough?" What tone? If you don’t look at me, how do you know that I look at you and ask frivolous questions? Have you seen enough of Huangfuyi’s sight? I don’t lose half a point in my anger and condescension.
I don’t know if Huangfuyi’s temper suddenly turns, "Don’t mind your own business if you don’t want to be right with me." Over the years, he has been cynical and arrogant, but he never cares too much about women.
Liancheng stared at him every word, "I’m in charge of today’s affairs, and I will resolutely stand up if I encounter similar incidents in the future."
"In your opinion, it’s a matter of doing everything right?" Huangfuyi eyebrows up gherardini.
Xinwen needs the support of the babies to collect and recommend messages. Come on, come on, the important thing is to say Xuan Xuan for three times. Please, Chapter I This man is very ill!
"Yes, I want to take care of everything that is unfair. Why?" Leisurely posture light tone to HuangFuYi a long time not.
Who is she?
Who the hell is she?
Second sister, she said that her voice is so similar to that of second sister?
Dead! Dead! They’re dead!
Gu Qi lay prone to tears.
That’s right. The ragged hair was pulled to the ground by Lu Tianyou’s whip with a crutch. The beggar was Gu Qi, and it was Ningyuan Hou Fushi.
Three years ago, under the orders of his father, he led 5,000 chosen men from another road to the rear of the Jin Guo army to burn the grain and grass, and then cooperated with his father to lead the army to attack the Jin Jin army in one fell swoop, but when we disembarked, the other side seemed to know that their battle plan was generally ambushed before they got close to the grain and grass, and surrounded him with 5,000 chosen men for a crazy attack.
Perhaps considering his identity, the soldiers tried their best to help him break out of the encirclement of 8 Jin Army regardless of his wishes.
Back to Beijing, he will go back to Beijing to plead guilty to the emperor.
Father died in battle, and tens of thousands of soldiers died in battle.
Only when he returns to the capital and asks the emperor to punish him can he feel at ease.
However, I don’t know which people have been chasing him to stop him from returning to Beijing.
He was seriously injured in the fight and his legs were disabled.
He can pretend to be a beggar and try his best to go to Beijing if he has to hunt down and escape.
I didn’t expect him to go to Beijing for more than three years.
I didn’t expect that all my relatives died tragically three years ago.
Mother, three sisters, younger brothers and people in the government died tragically by the assassin’s sword.