Fifty ducklings were handed over to Lee and Zhang Xiuer to raise ducks in the back of the compound living area. Now the ducklings are too young to be kept in the backyard with cold water. After ten days, they can get to the village stream for food and stocking.

Zhao Rujun was almost so angry that he didn’t have a serious illness when he lost his wife and folded the battlefield for attempted arson.
What made her most angry was that she had praised herself since she was a child, and her father even learned about it and taught herself a lesson!
There are also those slaves in the house who are born according to her confidants, and they are so frightened that they really take the indenture in the hands of Lian Fangzhou seriously. They actually watch their whereabouts to death in their relatives. When something happens, someone will report to their father, and his father will make a fuss about himself …
Zhao Rujun hates the root itch!
The more you hate, the more you have to do something to vent your hatred or she will be suffocated!
She was even angry with Fang Zhou and lost her mind. She wanted to come back with revenge and come up with this evil spirit. Although Master Zhao has taken strict precautions, Zhao Rujun, after all, has been managing the business for so many years, and it is still very simple for her to want it.
So when several arrested animals were caught with leg injuries, gangsters were sent to Master Zhao together with their mouths. Master Zhao trembled with anger and taught Zhao Rujun a lesson.
At the same time, two dog, Erliang, Toad and Toad left Yu County and news came from nowhere. It is said that they left Yu County because they had offended Miss Zhao Rujun, a big lady of Zhao’s house, and had to leave their hometown because she was almost killed by Miss Zhao.
When this happened, everyone was in uproar. Zhao Rujun’s name plummeted!
As the saying goes, it’s not necessarily because of the wind coming from the cave. Besides, two dog and they were really involved with Zhao Rujun. Although Master Zhao repeatedly explained that he was missing with them and his daughter, he couldn’t come up with a reason to speak.
Those people in the Zhao family who covet their property have begun to stir up again. The reputation of the Zhao family has been damaged. By asking about this matter, Master Zhao was almost cornered. Finally, it took several silver and contacts to make it perfunctory.
Zhao Rujun, however, took it all out on Lianfangzhoutou and didn’t feel at all wrong.
Master Zhao was completely disappointed with her. Putting her under house arrest was called convalescence.
Zhao Rujun was so soft and hard that he even went on a hunger strike. Master Zhao was still indifferent. Zhao Rujun panicked and asked his mother for help and knelt in front of his father to beg for forgiveness.
Master Zhao was unmoved and indifferent. "Dad thought that you should be pampered in a boudoir when you are a girl. Dad really regrets it. He shouldn’t have taught you business and shouldn’t have allowed you to show up outside! It’s not too late now. You’d better learn needlework and manage the house! This is what a girl should learn! "
Zhao Rujun face suddenly went white busy way "dad! I’m your only daughter! I won’t share it for you. Who will? Don’t you want to carve up your hard-earned possessions by those baiwenhang in your family? I am your daughter, and all this should be inherited and managed by me! "
"Don’t worry about this," said Master Zhao, glancing at her quietly. "Dad thought and thought it was too hard for you and hard for you! Dad has decided to take a three-bedroom concubine again, regardless of appearance, no matter where he comes from, he should have a good baby! If you can’t add a little brother and father in three years, you will adopt a child in the family. "
"no! No way! I don’t agree! " Zhao Rujun screamed and stared with disbelief.
Even Mrs. Zhao turned white and took a surprised look at Master Zhao. Her eyes were red and she bowed her head and said nothing.
Master Zhao waved his hand and sighed, "I didn’t want to say it, but since you asked me today, I will say it!" Go back to your hospital and have a good rest! "
Where is Zhao Rujun willing to be shocked by sudden anger? "Dad! You can’t do this! You can’t do this! Are you so worthy of my mother! "
Master Zhao could not help but be angry and calm. "Who are you talking to? Do you have a daughter like this! "
He looked at a lump and swallowed his wife’s heart with a soft way, "this is more than you worry about!" You have a little brother, and your mother and I will have a support when we get old! Whether I was born in a concubine or adopted will be recorded in your mother’s name and raised by your mother herself! Still not going! "
After hearing what her husband said, Mrs. Zhao immediately decided to be busy dragging Zhao Rujun and whispered, "Stop that now! Go, go with your mother! "
Zhao Rujun is crazy, screaming, struggling and screaming in disgust. Mrs. Zhao has to greet the maids and drag her daughter together.
Master Zhao shook his head with a long sigh and immediately ordered the housekeeper to send someone to inquire where there were good sons and daughters ready to take concubinage.
The boudoir, Zhao Rujun, fell on the bed crying in a big mess, and our maids were driven out. With Mrs. Zhao at her side, there was no way to persuade her!
"Niang! Dad, how could he do this! How could he do this to me! Didn’t we agree that I would inherit our family property? How can he break his word! "
Very easy Zhao Rujun cried enough and finally sobbed and opened her mouth. She looked up and looked at Mrs. Zhao with tears in her eyes. "Mom, why don’t you help me talk!" I am your daughter! Don’t you just watch dad give his family property to others! "
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In the face of her daughter’s remarks, Mrs. Zhao was a little angry and uncomfortable and ashamed. She had to persuade her, "What are you talking about, silly child?" How are your brothers? It’s better to have a backer in the future! Does this woman have a bride’s family as a backer? That’s very different-"
"What a big difference! What is the backing! " Zhao Rujun was so angry that he shouted, "I am the backer. What else is the backer? It should be me when the Zhao family comes. I am my father’s first daughter! Niang! "
Zhao Rujun fierce stare to Mrs Zhao grind way "niang don’t you forget? Why can’t those aunts have children? Have you forgotten all about it? This Zhao Fu can be our mother and daughter, but us! Mom, you regret it! "
Mrs. Zhao’s face changed. "You!"
She stared at her daughter’s cold, pale face and gloomy eyes, and she was speechless.
At the beginning, in order to keep her position, she and her daughter joined hands to make sure that none of the concubines in the backyard could get pregnant and bribed the doctor, so that the master had no doubt that it was destiny takes a hand!
In addition, the fact that she and her daughter kept still again and again suggested that the master finally agreed with the idea of giving his family property to his daughter and recruiting a husband in the future.
But no one thought that the daughter and the master would make it to this point one day!
The master wanted the past and promised her that for many years, and she believed that he would not break his word.
As the saying goes, young couples are always with them. After all, they have been together for a generation. The master is not a philanderer. Even if there are more beautiful young concubines, she believes that she will never shake her position!
In those days, young people were eager to be competitive, and other women had to give birth to children, but this vein of the master was ruined. In recent years, she has never regretted thinking about it.
However, because of my guilty conscience and because my daughter has been doing very well, the thought of regret only passed by, and I didn’t think deeply until now. She really regretted it!
If she hadn’t done those things, Zhao wouldn’t have died! My daughter has already set a suitable marriage, and she has been waiting for happiness since she left the cabinet. Now it’s-
Now she regrets it again?
Daughter will never let her regret it!
If her personality pokes everything in front of her master, will he still care about her husband and wife for decades? If you don’t stop, she will be fine!
She knows how much trouble the master has suffered and how much clan pressure she has endured without heirs for so many years! Once he knows the truth, can he spare himself? Absolutely not!
Mrs. Zhao’s heart instantly fell into icehouse and it was cold thoroughly.
"Mom!" Zhao Rujun whimpered, "Mom, dad, he is so affectionate! How could he do this to us! Hum, he wants to have a son to take my place, and he wants to succeed! I won’t agree. I will never agree! "
"Jun, Jun …" Mrs. Zhao looked at her daughter with a trembling voice and felt so strange and cold.
Her lips trembled and she wanted to say something and persuade something, but she couldn’t say anything!
Her mind kept repeating a sentence "I regret it, I regret it, I really regret it …"
Zhao Rujun didn’t realize her emotions. She snuggled up to her body and hugged her shoulder. "Mom, you won’t watch me being wronged. You will help me, right? Just like I helped you before … "