Wang Yue retreated in the direction of the war horse by strength.

Turning around, Wang Yue rode a horse.
"Want to go? Not so easy "An Jianqing flying to kill Wang Yue.
Wang Yueshen threw the sword in his hand, and the goal was An Jianqing.
An Jian Qing’s middle place borrowed a sword to block Wang Yue’s sword, but the speed slowed down.
Wang Yue rode out of town.
An Jianqing was furious and said to several Royal Guards Avenue behind him, "Chase me and kill these Yuan family members!"
It’s a great shame that An Jianqing didn’t expect Wang Yue, a nobody, to escape from him.
The Royal Guards chased Wang Yue and others.
Wang Yue chased Yuan Chengzhi, Sun Zhongshou and others, and they took Yuan Chengzhi all the way to escape until dawn before they got rid of the Royal Guards.
Wang Yue vomited several mouthfuls of blood during his escape, but his injury is even more serious now.
Wang Yue secretly hates An Jianqing for waiting for me to see you again.
"General Sun, where are we going now?" Wang Yue asked on horseback.
Sun Zhongshou thought for a moment and said, "My home inspector and Huashan’ Shenjianxian Ape’ Mu Renqing have a long history. I plan to send Chengzhi to Huashan to be the best martial arts school in Huashan. In the future, Chengzhi’s martial arts will definitely surpass An Jianqing."
Sun Zhongshou’s impression of Wang Yue has changed a little now. It seems that all the people in the Royal Guards are not bad people. This Wang Yue is good.
Wang Yue nodded and said, "OK, we’ll go to Huashan!"
Several people took Yuan Chengzhi all the way and finally came to Huashan in disguise for more than half a month.
Chapter 172 Repair the gods
Wang Yue, Sun Zhongshou and others will settle in Huashan Inn in Yuan Chengzhi and plan to go to Huashan early in the morning to meet Mu Renqing, the "God Sword and Fairy Ape".
Running for your life these days, Yuan Chengzhi was exhausted, his family was ruined by Chongzhen, and he had to escape from the pursuit of the Royal Guards. He was afraid that he would really be caught by the Royal Guards if it were not for Wang Yue’s care.
Yuan Chengzhi fell asleep just after he arrived at the inn and had not finished eating.
"Brother Wang, get something to eat. You should go to bed early, too. Early in the morning, we have to go to Huashan, and the young master will settle down." Sun Zhongshou asked the inn’s second waiter to serve food to Wang Yue.
Wang Yue smiled and nodded, "Good General Sun, you also go to bed early."
Sun Zhongshou thanked him while eating. "Brother Wang, if you hadn’t escorted us and the young master all the way this time, we might not have reached Huashan Sun. Thank you very much."
Wang Yue shook his head and said, "My life is for the inspector to rescue Cheng Zhi, which is what I should do."
After dinner, Wang Yue went back to the room door, hit the window and jumped, and soon disappeared into the night.
Wang Yue’s health has not deteriorated after these days of pranayama, but it will take several months to recover.
Although Wang Yue has an injury and can’t cope with martial arts experts, ordinary people are no match for him.
Wang Yue came out at night to get some silver.
"What a mansion! This family should be a landlord. The landlord is absolutely rich." Wang Yue entered the house with a sneer at her mouth.
At the end of the landlord is the most greedy and cold-blooded refugees everywhere, but they live a luxurious life, and the landlord Wang Yue has no affection. They don’t rob money.
Wang Yue grabbed the owner of the house with his face covered and finally found the treasury.
Wang Yue looked at more than 100,000 taels of silver in the treasury and sneered, "There’s so much money here. Do you mind if I take 1,200 taels?"
The owner of the house is a fat old man. When he came, Wang Yue would take all the silver to live. He had to pay, but now Wang Yue actually wants 1,200 silver, which makes him stunned.
"Why don’t you want to, old man?" Wang Yueyin comes again.