Hua Zhen walked past the door to his own work and suddenly said, "The three masters are all in the house. I’ll make lunch for you after a break."

Chapter 395, what have you done?
Master, this is the first time I’ve heard Hua Zhen call them Yang Zong, Husband and Uncle since childhood.
Xiaohua teaches whatever his own children can, but he never has a formal ceremony. The three old people have no plans to do that and don’t want to be too deliberate.
Hua Zhen suddenly said "Three Masters", though it was an offhand remark, but it also made the three old men dazed … It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it sounded in the Yuan God! Hua Zhenxing did not speak, but sent a divine message.
It was Brother Dacheng who had the means. The three old people immediately realized what had happened. Even Shang Tong, who was usually unsmiling, could not help smiling at the moment.
Yang Tehong even twisted his beard and smiled. "It’s worthy that people I taught since I was a child have long known that he has no problem. It’s a piece of cake!"
Ke Mengchao "Your eyebrows are flying. Calm down! You just asked us what we saw, but you didn’t say that you had expected it … but I always told you not to worry. "
Yang Tehong suddenly patted his thigh. "Aren’t you curious? How did Xiaohua make it in an instant?"
Mo Shang Tong: "Everyone doesn’t come here in this way. It’s just a blink of an eye when it’s long."
Yang Tehong: "It’s not necessarily that someone has been here for many years, many times in a blink of an eye, and Xiaohua has done it without eating lunch here. Anyway, I’m very curious about what it means to be a monk."
Ke Mengchao: "You don’t know Xiaohua since he was a child. Isn’t he? Besides, it’s not good for the spiritual world to talk without asking us since ancient times. "
Yang Tehong mused, "There is this system, but Xiaohua may not know it, and it is not a law or a commandment."
Ke Mengchao "Why didn’t Xiaohua know that Gao Le must have told him?"
Yang Tehong: "But Xiaohua, this kid, is very sincere and tells us everything. For example, if we issue a system for him and come back to ask us for advice, if someone else gets such a system, why not hide anything?" And he wants us to persuade him to pay attention to hiding anything. "
Mo Shang Tong: "That’s his letter. Let’s … Don’t worry about it at dinner. He can say as much as he wants."
The three old men can also hold their breath and wait for Hua Zhen to come out of work and go to the kitchen to make lunch.
The kitchen has returned to its original state. Hua Zhen has been familiar with the "unified" cookstoves since childhood. It is not necessary for Yang Laotou to make any hands and feet need to add firewood and coal. Hua Zhen has been very skilled in his actions.
Although it is no longer the original artifact Dan furnace, Hua Zhen has refined so many Dan medicines. Of course, it is a problem for these imitation Dan furnaces to control the temperature of meals.
When cooking, Manman came. She often went to the grocery store to help fight thugs. Now Manman has become the deputy director of the Chundan Center and is based in Sanhu Town. This kind of opportunity is not much.
The food was soon done. Mann helped set the table. At the end, a "knife board incense" was brought by Sima Value. Smoked pork legs were sliced and steamed with the fermented bean curd. It was very simple to have a dish of wine and rice.
Old man Yang took a bottle of wine from the cellar, which was the best in his collection. When Manman saw it, he quickly went to get a small handleless wine cup and a wine lamp and set it in Hua Zhen and asked, "Drink it at noon?"
Yang Laotou "Celebrate your breakthrough. You can be called a real person according to the system-Hua Zhenren!"
Mann Mann high-five, "Xiaohua has broken through Dacheng repair? Great! " The three old men turned to look at Maman Manman at the same time and wondered, "What are you all staring at me for?"
Yang Laotou couldn’t help saying, "Is this it?"
Maman "What’s this?"
Coffey "why are you so calm? It’s calmer than the three of us. "
Mann Mann "it’s not that I haven’t seen Dacheng friar Pan Cai and Sima Qian, but Xiaohua is much better than them. What’s so strange about breaking through Dacheng? I heard that Xiaohua is going to close the grocery store in Yemen today and feel that it should be almost the same. "
Mo Shang Tong found the key problem. "No, you know that the grocery store closed its doors today and refused to bother. Why did you come again?"
Mann Mann "I’m not a guest! Actually, I didn’t want to disturb Xiaohua. I just came to have a look and go back if there was nothing going on. As a result, when I came, I found Xiaohua cooking in the kitchen. "
Mann’s reaction is different from that of the three old men. She is not surprised, but happy, simple and happy, and there are not so many complicated thoughts colliding.
Hua Zhen’s trip has poured wine for all three old people, and secretly said, "Ask whatever you want." His tone was calm, but his mouth was slightly tilted, obviously holding back a sense of pride.
The three old men looked at each other, and Yang Lao-tou finally said carefully, "We didn’t want to ask anything, but you wanted to say it. In the end, how could it be so embarrassing?"
Hua Zhen also said, "To be honest, I can’t answer this question."
He said that he couldn’t answer, but secretly sent a spiritual thought to avoid Manman. He told three old men that he was telling the truth and breaking the truth, and he must have more ready-made skills or operating methods. He told his general experience in the illusion.
Old man Yang nodded and said, "My brother has never said anything about the so-called illusion, and the master has never asked Manman to know this." But secretly, he said, "You went back to three years ago in the illusion and did it all over again?"
The trip to Hua Zhen "was because I thought at that time that if I could really travel back to the past, I could do a lot better with so many experiences and lessons. It turns out that I could do better."
Yang Laotou "But that’s not true"
Hua Zhen line "but not separately"
Shang Tong also chimed in, "When did you lose your mind?"
The so-called vague illusion means that the monk is clearly aware that he is in an illusion, and he has also reached an illusion point. Dream or illusion is different. It is real as usual, and if he punches himself, he will feel unbearable pain.
If the monk can’t be clear about the illusion, then the illusion will continue, either with arrogance and mana exhausted and passive separation or Shou Yuan exhausted and directly seated.
Needless to say the latter result, the former result may lead people to be confused about the reality, or it may lead people to be confused about the reality, depending on the mind and chance.
Only when you have a clear and false environment can you freely enter and exit the false environment, and then you can talk about breaking the false and making great achievements. At this moment, there have been great achievements, of course, and the false environment has long been clear. Therefore, Mo Shang Tong only asked.
Hua Zhen’s trip "When I woke up from the wall, I realized that I didn’t have the knowledge of gods three years ago, and I couldn’t know everything around me with my eyes closed."
Ke Mengchao "Why don’t you doubt that you have crossed? It’s not that I haven’t read a time-travel novel! "
"Because I’m a monk," Hua Zhen replied with a standard answer and added, "But you always said it was right, so I thought it was three years ago, but I didn’t go anywhere else."
Since ancient times, few people have been able to condemn a monk to an illusion. Three old men seized the opportunity and kept asking questions. Old man Yang asked again, "How do you know that the three-year dream experience is not another illusion? You were in an illusion at that time, not without this possibility. "
Hua Zhen’s trip "I don’t know if I couldn’t distinguish it at that time, so I don’t have to reluctantly distinguish it and just start all over again."
Mo Shang Tong "How do you feel after these three years?"
Hua Zhen trip "Do I feel? Being conscious after birth means that a real person has been living in an illusion, and it is only after practicing that he can be clear about the illusion.
At this time, consciousness has been greatly liberated, and people have also been greatly free. It seems that everything in their own world that they don’t know and can’t get everything they want is like the pursuit of the ultimate.