Wang Yue’s psychological age is not small, but Wang Yue’s appearance is still seventeen years old, and he is younger than Yan Ying. Yan Ying didn’t believe what Wang Yue said.

Zhao Qian said at this time, "Yuer Niang looks at the moon that girl is good. If she can be my daughter-in-law of the Wangs, it is naturally the best." Then Zhao Qian also took a look at Yan Ying.
Although Zhao Qian accepted Yan Ying, Yan Ying hasn’t survived for more than ten years and hasn’t given Wang Yue children. She still has a knot in her heart.
Yan Ying is beautiful, but beautiful. Can you eat it as a meal? God, there are so many beautiful women
Wang Yuenai said, "What are you talking about, mother? The moon is fine, but isn’t she going to marry Du Guming now? How can I marry her?"
Wang Huai’s foot quietly stepped on candy and glared at her. Even if you are dissatisfied with Yan Ying, you can’t say it in front of Yan Ying.
Yan Ying put chopsticks lightly and said, "Mom and Dad, I’m full, you eat slowly." Then she went back to her room.
Wang Yuenai shook his head and got up and said, "Mom and Dad, eat slowly and I’ll go and see."
Wang Yue left Wang Huai and glared at Zhao Qian. "Your wife is really looking for trouble. Can you say this in front of Yan Ying?" Zhao Qian cold hum a dissatisfied way "how can’t say? She and Yueer slept in the same bed for more than ten years, but there was no movement in her stomach. You don’t worry, I’m still waiting to have a grandson. "
I can’t blame Yan Ying for the fact that Yan Ying is not pregnant.
Wang Yue refined the essence of life into qi and blood energy to nourish himself. It would be strange if Yan Ying could have a baby.
Speaking of this, Wang Huai is also worried. He glanced at Zhao Qian and sighed naively.
Wang Yue came to the bedroom door and shouted "Yan Yingmen"
Yan Ying knocked on the door with tears in his eyes and asked, "What are you doing here?"
Wang Yue walked into the room and held her in her arms. "Yan Ying, don’t be angry for so many years. It’s not that you don’t know that she is a knife mouth and a tofu heart. Don’t be as knowledgeable as her old man’s house."
Yan Ying nodded and said, "I’m not angry with my mother. I feel bad." Yan Ying didn’t give Wang Yuesheng a baby, but she didn’t know why.
Wang Yue suddenly said, "Yan Ying, why don’t we have a baby?"
Yan Ying looked at Wang Yue in surprise and said, "Can I really have children?" Wang Yue laughed. "Of course, it’s not your fault that you haven’t been pregnant over the years, but that there is no seed in your field. I didn’t plant it for you. No matter how good you are, you can’t have children."
Yan Ying lightly chastised, "It turned out to be you."
In an attic in the east of the Twin Cities, grandma "mirror" walked behind her in a snow-white dress in front of the moon window and said, "Your horse is going to get married next month, so get ready."
Yue said lightly, "What are you prepared for? Grandma Yue doesn’t want to marry Yue and doesn’t like Du Guming."
I hate Du Guming since I was a child. I think Du Guming can’t achieve great things. Otherwise, when he grows up, he will kill a woman who wants to protect the right of the two cities. What a fool it takes to do this.
Grandma’s eyebrows a wrinkly said, "Last month, your marriage with Du Guming was decided by the duke himself. I also promised the Dugu family to be kind to our family. Our family has been guarding the twins for generations. It’s not a shame for you to marry Du Guming."
On the angry way, "grandma, you also said that our family has been guarding the Twin Cities for generations. How many generations have it been?" We can find a way to repay the kindness of Du Gu’s family. Why do I have to marry Du Gu-ming? You know I don’t like Du Guming. "
Grandma is also a little annoyed. Yue has been obedient since she was a child, but what is so stubborn this time?
"Month you don’t want to marry Du Guming who do you want to marry? Du Guming is one of the two cities in Shaocheng. Who else is better than him? " Grandma said.
Yue said, "Wang Yue is a hundred times stronger than Du Guming."
Grandma likes Wang Yue for a while?
Wang Yue is the vice-duke, whose martial arts have reached the heaven realm. Even blade master should tell him the truth. Although Du Guming is a little duke, he is really nothing compared with Wang Yue.